Alabama Bar Exam Information

The Alabama Bar Exam lasts for 3 days.  On days 1 and 2, the Multi state essay examination and the Alabama state essays are administered.  On day 2 of the Alabama Bar Exam, the Multi state performance test is given.  On the final day of the Alabama Bar Exam, the Multi state Bar Examination is administered.  The Board of Bar Examiners administers essay examinations on subjects not covered by the Multi state Bar Examination or the Multi state essay examination.  The subjects may include important topics of state law as well as federal taxation.  The Alabama essay examination shall not exceed three and one-half hours in length.  The 2010 Alabama bar exam dates are February 22-24 and July 26-28.  Essay examination and performance-test questions will test the applicant’s ability to reason logically, to analyze legal problems accurately, to demonstrate knowledge of the fundamental principles of law, to be able to apply those principles, and to perform basic legal tasks.  The grade of the paper shall be measured by the reasoning power shown as well as by the correctness or incorrectness of the answers.  The bar examination fees are $475.00 for in-state residents and non-attorneys, $750.00 for out-of-state, U.S. citizens and licensed attorneys in other states, $1075.00 for foreign education or foreign-practicing attorney applicants, $475.00, for re-applications and $1300.00 for out-of-state attorneys qualifying for reciprocity.

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