Arkansas Bar Exam Information

The Arkansas Bar Exam is a 3 day exam.  Day 1 consists of 3 MEE questions and 2 MPT questions.  The Multi state Bar Exam is administered On day 2.  Day 3 consists of 4 state law essay questions.  The applicant should have satisfactorily completed all requirements for a degree from an American Bar Association accredited law school.  The application fee of $400.00 may be paid as a single money order or cashiers check payable to the clerk of the Supreme Court.

The first portion of the Arkansas Bar Exam is the Multistate Bar Examination, or the MBE.  The MBE is administered twice annually; once on the last Wednesday in February and again on the last Wednesday in July.  The second portion of the Arkansas Bar Exam tests candidates on unique aspects of Arkansas’s laws.  The state specific portion of the Arkansas bar examination is administered in essay format.

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