Indiana Bar Exam Information

The Indiana bar exam lasts two days.  It consists of the six-hour Multi state Bar Examination (MBE), two 90-minute Multi state Performance Test (MPT) problems, and six 40-minute Indiana essay questions specifically covering Indiana law.

The subjects that may be tested on the Indiana bar exam are:

  • contracts, including UCC Art. 2 sales
  • criminal law and procedure
  • evidence
  • family law
  • property, real and personal, including real estate finance administrative law
  • business organizations
  • commercial law (contracts and Uniform Commercial Code)
  • constitutional law (Indiana and federal)
  • pleading and practice (civil procedure, criminal procedure)
  • taxation
  • torts
  • wills, trusts, and estates.

The bar exam dates of 2010 are February 23-24 and July 27-28.  The state of Indiana requires that the applicant graduate from an American Bar Association approved law school as well as pass a background check.

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