Maryland Bar Exam Information

The Maryland bar exam lasts 2 days.  On day 1, 10 state essay questions are administered.  On day 1, the Multi state Performance Test is also given.  On day 2, the Multi state Bar Exam is administered.

Maryland essay subjects are Agency, Commercial Transactions, Corporations, Family Law, MD Civil Procedure, Partnerships, Professional Responsibility, plus all MBE subjects.  Multi state Performance Test is “Closed universe” practical problem using instructions, factual data, cases, statutes and other reference material supplied by examiners.

The Maryland Bar Exam is administered on the last Tuesday and Wednesday in February and July.  The 2010 bar exam dates are February 23-24 and July 27-28.  The Application fee is $250.  To qualify to sit for the Maryland Bar Exam, the applicant will need to have a law degree from an ABA approved law school.

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