Missouri Bar Exam Information

The Missouri bar exam lasts 2 days.  On day 1, the MPT (Multi State Performance Test) and ten essays (some from the MEE and some drafted by the state) are given.  On day 2, the Multi State Bar Exam is administered.  The subjects that may be tested on the Missouri bar exam are:

  • constitutional law
  • contracts, including UCC Article 2 sales 
  • corporations and LLCs (business associations)
  • criminal law and procedure
  • estates (wills)
  • agency & partnership (business associations)
  • civil procedure (Missouri and federal)
  • commercial paper (negotiable instruments — UCC Article 3)
  • conflicts of law
  • evidence
  • secured transactions (UCC Article 9)
  • torts
  • trusts and future interests (wills)
  • family law
  • real property
  • remedies
  • sales (UCC Article 2)

The candidate must have graduated from an ABA approved law school with a JD or an LLB.  The 2010 bar exam dates are February 23-24 and July 27-28.

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