Oklahoma Bar Exam Information

The Oklahoma bar exam is conducted twice every year.  It takes place in February and July.  The exam lasts two days. 

The first portion of the Oklahoma Bar Exam is the Multistate Bar Examination, or the MBE. The second portion of the Oklahoma Bar Exam tests candidates on unique aspects of Oklahoma’s laws. The state specific portion of the Oklahoma bar examination is administered in essay format.

The MBE occurs on one day, and is divided into two, three-hour parts, each consisting of 100 questions.  When answering MBE questions, students apply fundamental legal principles instead of local case or statutory law.  During the MBE, students analyze fact situations or act as advocates.

The successful applicant must achieve a grade of at least 75% on the Oklahoma Rules of Professional Conduct and 75% on the exam as a whole.  Applicants also must pass the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE) with a scaled score of 75.

The following subjects may be tested on the Oklahoma bar exam:

  • administrative law
  • business associations, including
    • agency
    • partnerships and joint ventures
    • corporations and LLCs
  • commercial law, including
    • consumer law
    • contracts, including UCC Article 2 sales 
    • creditors’ rights, including bankruptcy 
    • Uniform Commercial Code, including Articles 1 (general provisions), 2 (sales), 3 (negotiable instruments), and 9 (secured transactions)
  • conflicts of law
  • constitutional law
  • criminal law and procedure
  • estate planning, including federal estate & gift taxation 
  • family law
  • procedural law, including
    • evidence
    • pleadings
    • practice
    • remedies, including damages, equity, and restitution
  • professional conduct (Oklahoma)
  • property
  • torts
  • wills, trusts, estates, and intestate succession.

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