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While selecting a law school, geography/location  is an important factor to be considered. Students may be tied down to a law school near their home, while others might pursue legal studies wherever they get in, and others still may choose a specific location and find a law school within that location.  In any of these situations, the location of the institution is a significant factor to keep in mind.

First of all, its important that wherever you plan to attend law school, that it be a place where you can focus and find other things to do besides law school. For some, that might mean staying close to home, while for others, staying close to home might be the last thing they want to do.

Location is also important with respect to your future career options. Except for very strong national schools, most law schools tend to place students at jobs within the region where the law school is situated.  If you want to work in the metro Detroit, you are better off attending a Michigan school in most cases.  Similarly, certain legal opportunities are confined to specific geographic locations. 

Other considerations to keep in mind regarding a law school’s location:

  • proximity to a large urban area
  • availability of legal internship opportunities
  • cost of living
  • ease of travel to and from family and friends
  • broader university resources

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