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Kentucky Bar Exam Information

The Kentucky Bar exam lasts 2 days.  On day 1, 6 state essay questions and 6 Multi state Essay Examination questions are given.  On day 2, the Multi state Bar Exam (MBE) is administered.

Kentucky requires that their Bar Candidates have a Juris Doctorate degree from an American Bar Association approved law school.  The application fee for attorneys is $675.

The subjects that may be tested on the Kentucky bar exam are:

  • contracts, including UCC Article 2 sales
  • criminal law and procedure
  • domestic relations (family law)
  • estates (wills, trusts, and estates)
  • evidence
  • administrative law and procedure
  • business entities (agency, partnerships, corporations, LLCs)
  • torts
  • UCC Articles 1 (general provisions), 2 (sales), 3 (negotiable instruments), 9 (secured transactions).
  • civil procedure
  • conflict of laws
  • constitutional law
  • property, real and personal
  • taxation (federal)

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