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Massachusetts Accredited Law Schools

1. Boston College Law School

Boston College Law School was founded in 1929.  It fosters a unique spirit of community among its students, faculty, and staff.  The curriculum is designed to help students develop the skills and knowledge to adapt to changes in society and the legal profession, successfully.  It is fully accredited by the ABA

Boston College Law School

2. Boston University School of Law

Boston University School of Law offers one of the finest legal educations in the nation.  The school was founded in 1872.  The school is established on the principles that legal education should be open to all men and women of ability without regard to background or beliefs.  The school’s innovative curriculum combines theoretical courses, clinical training, and specialized offerings.  The full-time faculty consists of distinguished scholars and teachers.

Boston University School of Law

3. Harvard Law School

Harvard Law School is the world’s premier center for legal education and research.  It has educational settings designed to enrich individual and interactive learning.  Harvard Law School offers students a curriculum of more than 400 courses, seminars, and reading groups.  It has a remarkable range of faculty with expertise and interests.  In the law school, law students have broad opportunities for intellectual engagement with faculty and classmates.  Harvard has extensive resources and collaborative approach that help to create unmatched opportunities to prepare for leadership in public service, private practice, the judiciary, or government.  The faculty includes more than 100 full-time professors and more than 150 visiting professors.  Most HLS students pursue a J.D. (Juris Doctor) degree, while many others earn an LL.M. (Master of Laws) or the S.J.D. (Doctor of Juridical Science).  Harvard Law School also offers many joint degree programs, coordinated programs, and concurrent degree opportunities with other schools within Harvard University.

Harvard Law School

4. New England Law | Boston

New England Law | Boston offers an exceptional academic program.  It was founded in 1908 as Portia Law School, the first law school in the nation exclusively for women.  During centennial celebrations in September 2008, the law school officially shortened its name from New England School of Law to New England Law | Boston.  The law school is accredited by the ABA.  It is a member of the AALS.

New England Law | Boston

5. Northeastern University School of Law

Northeastern University School of Law offers the nation’s premier Cooperative Legal Education Program.  Northeastern law students graduate with one full year of hands-on legal employment gained in law offices around the world.  The curriculum is rigorous, with students receiving detailed narrative evaluations of their work in each academic course.  Moreover, co-op employers submit written appraisals of each student’s professional performance.  These evaluations comprise the student’s permanent record that indicates the quality of a student’s performance.  The Absence of grades and class ranking helps to avoid the adversarial attitude that often characterizes legal education.

Northeastern University School of Law

6. Suffolk University Law School

Suffolk University Law School has a curriculum that combines a strong academic foundation with expertise in an array of specialty areas.  A nationally known faculty provides superior preparation for practice.  Students earn credit while experiencing practice of law in the real world through clinical, internship, and public service opportunities.

Suffolk University Law School

7. Western New England College School of Law

Western New England College School of Law is fully accredited by the ABA.  It is a member of the AALS.  The alumni of the law school include judges, attorneys practicing in small and large firms, and lawyers for corporations, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and all levels of government.  Western New England College School of Law offers both full-time and part-time programs with a well-rounded curriculum.  The school has a personalized, student-centered approach to legal education and professional development.  The first-year section size, is one among the smallest in the country.  It promotes effective learning in a challenging, collegial and supportive atmosphere.  The faculty is accessible and dedicated, creating a learning environment that helps every student to reach his/ her full potential.

Western New England College School of Law

8. Massachusetts School of Law

Massachusetts School of Law provides a high quality, practical, and affordable legal education to deserving persons.  It serves persons from working class backgrounds, minorities, middle class people and immigrants.  It gives a rigorous, useful, affordable legal education.  The Massachusetts School of Law is not accredited by the ABA.  It is fully accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC).  The law school administers its own rigorous examination (MSLAT) similar to the LSAT.  Graduates from the law school are eligible to take the Massachusetts, and Connecticut Bar Examinations immediately upon graduation.  Thereafter, graduates are eligible to take the bar exam in NH, WI, VT, ME, CA, DC, MD, WV.

Massachusetts School of Law

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