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Mississippi Accredited Law Schools

1. The University of Mississippi School of Law

In 1854, the Department of Law was established at the University of Mississippi.  The University of Mississippi is the fourth oldest state-supported law school in the nation.  The School of Law is fully approved by the ABA.  It is a long-standing member of the AALS.

The University of Mississippi School of Law

2. Mississippi College School of Law

Mississippi College was founded in 1826.  It is the oldest college in Mississippi.  The law school was acquired by Mississippi College in 1975.  Clinical and moot court programs and a wide-array of co-curricular activities are part of academics.  Nationally and internationally recognized speakers visit the school each year, in order to complement coursework.  The School of Law is accredited by the ABA.  It is a member of the AALS.

Mississippi College School of Law

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