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Washington Accredited Law Schools

1. Gonzaga University School of Law

Gonzaga Law’s curriculum is firmly rooted in the theory and practice of law.  It graduates legal professionals prepared with the knowledge, training and practical skills.  Graduation Requirement includes 90 course credits and 30 hours of public service.  The Gonzaga community is committed to the intellectual development of students.  The mission of the law school is to promote faith, service, ethics, leadership and justice.

Gonzaga University School of Law

2. Seattle University School of Law

Seattle University School of Law is the largest and most diverse law school in the Pacific Northwest.  It is dedicated to academic excellence and education for justice.  It offers two leading academic programs such as legal writing programs and the Ronald A. Peterson Law Clinic.  The law school offers Juris Doctor and many joint degrees.  The law school’s mission is to educate outstanding lawyers to be leaders for a just and humane world.  The student diversity encompasses age, life experience, and cultural heritage.  The law school is recognized nationally for its diverse faculty.  It is the only Washington law school with a part-time program.  The law school is accredited by the ABA.  It holds membership in the AALS.

Seattle University School of Law

3. University of Washington School of Law

University of Washington School of Law was established in 1899.  The School of Law is part of the main campus of the University of Washington.  It has 66 full-time faculty members and about 500 JD students.

The law school offers classes in a number of specialized areas such as: labor law, tax law, international law, environmental and water law, family law, real property law, laws concerning business organization, commercial law, constitutional law, the law of sex and race discrimination, American Indian law, intellectual property, and health law.  Classes are generally small, providing opportunities for student-teacher contacts because of favorable student-to-faculty ratio.  The school is a member of the AALS and is approved by the ABA.

University of Washington School of Law

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