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Wisconsin Accredited Law Schools

1. Marquette University Law School

Marquette University Law School provides a solid foundation in legal theory and principles through a challenging academic program.  Marquette University Law School has an outstanding faculty, and an atmosphere of complete academic and intellectual freedom.  The school offers advantages of flexible scheduling and a part-time option.

Marquette University Law School

2. University of Wisconsin Law School

The UW Law School has a tradition of excellence.  Its law-in-action philosophy differentiates it from other law schools.  The UW Law School is located in Madison.  The UW Law School’s nationally recognized faculty comes from a wide range of backgrounds  The law school is nationally known for its clinics, which give students the opportunity for hands-on learning.  The UW Law School is committed to practical experience as a part of legal education.  Moreover, it offers a wide variety of lawyering experiences with real clients.

University of Wisconsin Law School

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