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Law School Degrees

Law school in the United States is a postgraduate level program which typically lasts three years and results in the awarding of Juris Doctor (JD) degree) after successful completion of the program.  JD is a professional law degree required by most states before a candidate can sit for the bar exam to become a licensed attorney. 

In addition to the qualifications required to become a practicing lawyer, law schools also offer higher degrees such as doctorates, for more advanced academic study.  LL.M is a research law degree obtained after earning a JD that allows a candidate to specialize in a particular area of law such as international law or taxation. 

Majority of accredited law schools offer Joint Degree Program (JDP).  JDP is a specified combination of degree programs or degree types in which a student is enrolled in two graduate degree programs concurrently.  JDPs are developed and proposed by the relevant academic units with agreement of the deans of the schools affected.

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