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Arizona LL.M Programs

  1. Arizona State University (ASU), Tempe, Arizona
    • LL.M in Biotechnology and Genomics: The program focuses on genetic applications, such as pharmacogenomics and personalized medicine, genetically modified organisms, forensic evidence, gene testing, gene therapy, cloning, stem cells, and behavioral genetics.   The LL.M.  requires the  completion of 24 credit hours
    • LL.M in Tribal Policy, Law, and Government
  2. University of Arizona – Indigenous Peoples Law & Policy Program
    Tucson, Arizona

    • LLM Indigenous Peoples Law and Policy : The  program is a one-year, full-time degree program. The LL.M.  requires the  completion of 24 credit hours.
    • LL.M International Trade Law

    Arizona State University University of Arizona

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