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Michigan LL.M Programs

1. University of Michigan Law School, Ann Arbor, Michigan

  • LL.M International Tax
  • LL.M with a Research Focus

2. Thomas M. Cooley Law School, Lansing, Michigan

  • LL.M in Intellectual Property
  • LL.M in Taxation
  • LL.M in Corporate Law & Finance
  • LL.M in US Legal Studies

3. Wayne State University Law School, Detroit, Michigan

  • LL.M in Taxation
  • LL.M in Corporate and Finance Law
  • LL.M in Labor Law

4. Michigan State University College of Law, East Lansing, Michigan

  • LL.M Program in the American Legal System
  • LL.M / Master of Jurisprudence (M.J.) in Intellectual Property

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