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Law School Rankings

Law school rankings are a specific division of college and university rankings associated particularly with law schools.  The law school rankings are based on empirical data and law school survey research on educators, law professors, lawyers, and students.

The law school rankings are useful for forthcoming law students to select apt schools for their career building.  The annual U.S. News and World Report is treated as the most popular listing for law schools ranking.

There are strong oppositions and criticisms against the law school rankings by different organizations.  The American Bar Association (ABA) never support or contribute any kind of law school rankings.  Similarly, the Law School Admission Council has strong disagreement to law school rankings.  Carl Monk, the director of the Association of American Law Schools criticizes that the law school rankings are misleading and deceptive in nature.  The journalistic integrity of U.S. News and World Report is fabricated by the profit motive commercial enterprises.  The value of law school ranking is based on unscientific measures and one can not choose the appropriate school from such a ranking.  The common rankings of law schools are influenced by geographical or demographic factors which vary from states to states.

The American Bar Association and the Law School Admission Council published an annual law school guide to tackle the frequency of law school rankings.  This guide provides a set of standards and important data to judge the law schools.  The American Bar Association has pointed out many fundamental issues associated with modern legal education in their MacCrate Report.  This report is recognized as a template for modern legal education.

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