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U.S. News and World Report is renowned for its ranking system and annual reports on American colleges, graduate schools and hospitals.  Its law school ranking is considered one of the most influential.

Judging the Law School Rankings or Brennan rankings are published by Cooley Law School.  The first edition of “Judging the Law School Rankings” was published in 1996 by Thomas E. Brennan, who was the founder and president of Cooley Law School.  Judging the Law School Rankings is an online publication that ranks law schools by taking into consideration bar passage rates, LSAT scores, academic facilities, student and faculty diversity along with twenty other objective factors.

The Gourman Report was introduced by Dr. Jack Gourman, a professor at California State University-Northridge.  The Gourman Report is published by Princeton Review.  This report generally ranks undergraduate and graduates schools.  In 1997, the Gourman Report included law school rankings.  Critics claim that the Gourman Report rankings give special treatment to large public universities.

The Hylton Ranking is prepared by Dr. J. Gordon Hylton of Marquette University’s Law School.  The Hylton Rankings consider the Law School Admission Test scores and U.S. News and World Report’s survey for their peer assessment.

The Leiter Ranking is prepared by Brian Leiter, a law professor at University of Chicago School of Law.  The Leiter law school rankings consider LSAT scores, grade point averages, faculty reputation and scholarly research.

The Vault law school rankings were published in 2008.  This ranking was based on the surveys of around 400 hiring partners and recruiting professionals from the U.S.  This ranking considers the research and writing skills, knowledge of legal doctrine, possession of other relevant knowledge, and ability to manage a calendar and work with an assistant.  The Vault law school rankings give weightage to the best marketable law graduates in the private sector.

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