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Resources When You Are In Law School

There are a variety of resources offered by law schools to the students.  However, it is up to the student to utilize the resources to the maximum.  Law is by no means a very easy subject and the vastness of it adds to the complexity.  It is therefore entirely possible that a student may not, at least initially be able to follow all that is taught in class.  It is to be always remembered that the best resource available in the law school is that of the professor.  Therefore, if you have questions or do not understand something, by all means take advantage of your professor’s office hours.  If your course is taught from a casebook, consider looking at a good treatise in the library; treatises present the information in a logical order, building from basic principles to specifics.

The next best resource available is that of the college library.  If the classes allow the use of outlines, write the outlines in the same format that as that of an answer to an essay question.  When an issue arises on the test, transcribe the outline, while analyzing the specific facts needed to answer the essay question.  For maximum efficiency, prepare the outline after referring to the text books on the topic too.

The library is not just a study hall.  The library has books that can help the student understand material that is not clear from assigned reading or lectures.  Ask the librarian.   Law school librarians are an excellent resource, and most enjoy helping students.  The class room is another excellent resource that a law student should utilize.  Participating actively in class is a good method of utilizing this resource fully.

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