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Wisconsin Bar Exam Information

The Wisconsin Bar Exam is a two day exam.  On day one, Wisconsin administers eight essay questions.

The Wisconsin essay exams cover the following topics:

1. Agency and partnership
2. Commercial papers
3. Conflict of Laws
4. Corporations and Limited Liability Companies
5. Decedents’ Estates
6. Family Law
7. Federal Civil Procedure
8. Sales
9. Secured Transactions
10. Trusts and Future Interests

On day two, Wisconsin administers the Multistate Bar Exam.  This exam is  made up of 200 multiple choice questions that cover the following topics as they are generally applied throughout the United States of America:

1. Constitutional Law
2. Contracts and Sales
3. Criminal Law and Procedures
4. Evidence
5. Real Property
6. Torts

Scores from the Wisconsin Essay Exam and Multistate Bar Exam days are combined.  To pass the Wisconsin Bar Exam, a score of 258 is required.  In Wisconsin, applicants must also achieve a passing score (129) on the essay portions and pass 5 of 8 essays.

All applicants must give a complete final transcript disclosing that the J.D. degree has been conferred to  the Board.

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